Happy Earth Day/ Good Friday

Hey everyone!!  I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my first post, that I’m now fully ADDICTED to blogging, like as I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking of blogging ideas LoL  Anyways so onto Earth Day.  My parents (specifically my madre) had always encouraged “being green” even before it was cool.  Before my little sister went off to school, my mom would NEVER buy pre packaged snacks.  My typical school lunch back in those days consisted of:

  • yogurt in a little thermos bowl with  a lid
  • apple juice/water in a reusable thermos cup
  • an apple or orange
  • either pretzels or mixed nuts in a reusable bag

Back then I was annoyed by the fact that I didn’t have all the prepackaged granola bars and stuff that the “cool girls” had, but now that I’m older, I completely appreciate and thank my mom for teaching me such a valuable lesson.  When I first moved out on my own, it was weird for me to NOT recycle and I can’t wait till I have I “real” house where I can recycle and give back to Madre Earth. 

Now Good Friday has a both good/bad connotation for me.  It has a good connotation because it reminds me from when I was a kid and I participated in living stations of the cross and it was the first time that I really felt close to God.  By participating in the living stations, I just really felt like what it could be like to be a person during JC’s time.  Now it has a bad connotation because when I was in high school I participated in the living stations again, but this time, I was wearing a VERY hot costume and actually nearly passed out in front of the whole church.  Luckily an old family friend came onto the altar and saved me before I actually bit the dust.  But mostly I remember that first experience, thank goodness! 

Happy Earth Day/ Good Friday Everyone!!