Everything Happens for a Reason…

First off, so so sorry I’ve been MIA for like 2 months, but a little thing called Retention happened.  Retention is a “weekend intensive class” (aka I class on the weekends) with just the same amount of reading as a regular semester and a 25+ page paper to cap it all off…  Now that my time isn’t completely consumed by school work, I can give a quick update on my life.

Over the summer, I had the great opportunity to do a practicum in the Office of Student Involvement at UCF and it really ignited my love of student involvement all over again.  Being involved at FSU is what defined my undergrad career and what eventually led me to my career in higher education.  With the help and encouragement of my amazing cohort, I was able to come to the realization that I had to make the difficult decision to look for another assistantship my second year of grad school.  If I wanted to actually be doing what I want to do, I would HAVE to get an assistantship in student involvement.  Low and behold, not only did an assistantship open up in OSI at UCF, it would be working with students I had already gotten to know pretty well.  I was ecstatic and thought for sure I had the job in the bag.  Now my interview wasnt by far the greatest, but I didn’t think it was a total disaster either.  A week after I should have heard goes by… than another.  I really start to panic, what if I didn’t get this opportunity as easily as I had thought, was the fact that my contract at my previous job wouldn’t be up till August played against me?  Two and half weeks after I was supposed to originally hear, I get that fateful form email that informs me that I did not get what I perceived as my dream assistantship.

I was devastated.  I spent the majority of that night crying my eyes out feeling like just absolutely nothing was ever going to go my way.  I eventually convinced myself that something else was coming along and that if God didn’t want me to be at OSI, than that’s not where I was supposed to be.  As pure fate would have it, three GA positions posted the NEXT day Stetson University’s Office of Student Involvement.  I was apprehensively excited, I had learned to not get my hopes up and didn’t want to end up feeling rejected again.  I submitted my application for two of the positions that I had the most experience with and felt that would fit more with my personality.  I had never been to Stetson before and was intrigued to see a new part of Florida that I’ve never been to before.

I’m pretty sure my excitement started when this was my drive up to the school:

Downtown DeLand is one of the cutest areas ever!  I was starting to feel that aprehensiveness of falling in love.  I was too afraid to like it too much in case I didn’t get the job.

Then came the campus view:

SWWWOOOOOOONNN!!  UCF definitely has its own character, but coming from FSU with its red brick gothic architecture, I had forgotten how much I missed the red brick “oldness” that FSU has.  I was falling in deep.

I go into my interview in a beautiful red brick union building that is completely charming and had by far the most fun I had ever had on an interview.  Everyone who was part of my interview was fun to talk to and actually made the interview an enjoyable experience.  I knew I had found my home, I knew as soon as I left the interview that even if I didn’t get a position that it was a great experience to see that there are other student affairs professionals who are just as compassionate about helping students develop as I am. 

I wasnt really expecting an answer from them until Thursday at the earliest, but to my utmost delight and surprise I received a call around 2:30 offering me one of the positions I applied for.  I was absolutely over the moon.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for accepting a job offer ever (except maybe the first time I got a job with UP, it ranks right up there with that).  Even if I had gotten the UCF job, I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am right now. 

Today has been total proof that everything happens for a reason 🙂


Happy Earth Day/ Good Friday

Hey everyone!!  I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my first post, that I’m now fully ADDICTED to blogging, like as I was falling asleep last night, I was thinking of blogging ideas LoL  Anyways so onto Earth Day.  My parents (specifically my madre) had always encouraged “being green” even before it was cool.  Before my little sister went off to school, my mom would NEVER buy pre packaged snacks.  My typical school lunch back in those days consisted of:

  • yogurt in a little thermos bowl with  a lid
  • apple juice/water in a reusable thermos cup
  • an apple or orange
  • either pretzels or mixed nuts in a reusable bag

Back then I was annoyed by the fact that I didn’t have all the prepackaged granola bars and stuff that the “cool girls” had, but now that I’m older, I completely appreciate and thank my mom for teaching me such a valuable lesson.  When I first moved out on my own, it was weird for me to NOT recycle and I can’t wait till I have I “real” house where I can recycle and give back to Madre Earth. 

Now Good Friday has a both good/bad connotation for me.  It has a good connotation because it reminds me from when I was a kid and I participated in living stations of the cross and it was the first time that I really felt close to God.  By participating in the living stations, I just really felt like what it could be like to be a person during JC’s time.  Now it has a bad connotation because when I was in high school I participated in the living stations again, but this time, I was wearing a VERY hot costume and actually nearly passed out in front of the whole church.  Luckily an old family friend came onto the altar and saved me before I actually bit the dust.  But mostly I remember that first experience, thank goodness! 

Happy Earth Day/ Good Friday Everyone!!