Friday’s Fantastic 5 11/30

Ok so its been forever and a day that I have updated, but I have a perfectly good reason for it…I HAD NO INTERNET.  I know, the notion of living without internets is pretty shocking so I’ll give you a moment to digest my sucky existence for the past few months.  Actually it really wasn’t that bad, I finished two books, made more Sim families that I even knew was possible, and got a healthy use out of my Netflix account.  I now live in my permanent housing with plentiful internets so that I can blog, watch puppy videos, and Pinterest until my heart’s content.

1. Moving Into My Permanent Place!

255107_10100754608136099_2058944783_nSo this is kind of a super dark picture of the house I share with an amazing co-worker and his partner.  I seriously could not have asked for better housemates.  Not only did they let me stay upstairs (I live in the basement level, pictures forthcoming), but they helped me shop for furniture.  I really feel that I am starting to become part of DC life and not just a visitor passing through.  Not to mention its impeccably decorated for the holidays.

2. Having Internets Again
Ok, anyone who knows me knows Im not by any means super connected.  I don’t have a smart phone and I only really use the internet to entertain myself.  I didnt really realize how much I missed it, till I didnt have it.  I couldnt skype with my mom and Lola (still cant due to a dysfunction camera, but hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow when I get a new one!), I couldnt check weather or news.  It was just weird to not know what was going on with friends.  I know sometimes the internet can get a bad rap but it really can keep us connected and really just makes me feel like Im not so far from home.

3. Finding the Perfect Gift
So my Dad is literally the hardest person to shop for.  He hates when you spend money on him and will never give you legitimate ideas when you ask for them.  Im not going to say what I got him because I want it to be a surprise to my whole family because it is pretty awesome.  The stroke of genius I had as I was online shopping when I was staying at work late the other night and it really propelled me to go on a creative streak for the rest of my Christmas list and hopefully I will be able complete it this weekend if not next week.

4. Figuring Out My Bus Schedule
I usually pride myself on being pretty good at figuring out subway routes and bus schedules, but I must say DC’s bus system through me for an absolute loop.  There are probably 1242039402938 different lines (may or may not be an exageration) and trying to figure out what was the best and what made the most sense for me to take to work each day was a huge headache.  But after three straight days of taking the bus to and from work, I can safely say that I really feel I have mastered my route options with the help of the Trip Tracker on the WMATA website.

5. Junior League Interest Meeting
A great friend was able to visit me a couple of weeks back from Orlando and she talked about how she had started the process of joining the Junior League.  I decided to check out Washington’s local chapter and really enjoyed what I found but I am really excited of seeing what this experience could mean for my connections to DC.  I really enjoy their mission of helping out in the local community and the genuine nice nature of a lot of their members.  Fingers crossed that I make it to the new member class!

Stay positive my friends