Today’s 3 Positives

Hello readers!  So I really like the idea of ending each day talking about three good things that happened to me that day.

1. Volunteering at Give Kids the World

I volunteered tonight for the pirates and princess party.  I got to speak in a Disney-esque princess voice all night decked out as a princess and it got to paint hearts, rainbows, stars and butterflies on the most adorable and sweet little girls.  They were complete sweethearts and one girl even asked if I was going to the Royal Wedding, you know since I was a princess and all…

2. Watched Friday Night Lights

My dad introduced me to FNL a couple of summers ago and I just have loved the show ever since.  After I went to FSU, I got REALLY into football and realized that I would have LOVED to live in a town like Dillan where the whole social scene and town revolves around high school football on Friday nights.  Plus it always reminds me of my dad and just makes me feel home-y.

3. Watching Nick Pitera’s “One Man Disney Movie

You cant help but smile while watching this movie and the guy’s mashup, voice, and creative skills are AMAZING!  I always get goosebumps when he sings When You Wish Upon a Star at the end…If youre a 90s kid who grew up on Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc it will be a great dose of nostalgia!

Stay Happy 🙂



So this is my first blog post… eeeeek!!  So what kind of spurred this whole blogging thing was a conversation with a friend of mine about living positively.  In the past, like a year or so ago, I was a super positive person.  I honestly thought there was nothing the world could throw at me that would change my attitude.  But the second half of my senior year in undergrad, a lot of stuff happened that just kinda got me down.  I HATED my teaching internship.  The kids I had were just plain mean and made me completely miserable.  I didn’t get into my dream grad program and I didn’t get my dream assistantship at my second choice.  It just seemed that my bright and shiny attitude wasnt cutting it anymore so my bright shiny-ness subsided.  Well now that I am in a program I LOVE and starting to make a great group of friends relatively quickly(it took me much longer to make a good group of friends in undergrad) I am starting to see the positive side of things.  Being a busy grad student, it’s going to be hard to see “the bright side of things” sometimes, but I’m hoping this blog will help me do that 🙂  To kick off the renewed bright and shiny Katie, I think I’m going to blog about positive things that have happened to me, things I love and tips for the “good life”.  So to keep today’s theme of “be positive” here are 3 things that made me happy today:

Ok, so I know this is super girly, but something that made me super happy today was my outfit.  I wore one of my favorite summer dresses and it just made my day feeling so spring-y and dressed up.

So sometimes class can be super annoying, and tonight was no exception, but my group kinda rocked a presentation and our teacher seemed to really like our project that we did.

Ok, so I know this seems a little ridiculous, but I don’t delete songs from my iPod, like EVER! So on my ride home tonight, a lot of O-Town songs were coming up and it really brought me back to like early HS and just reminded me of summers that would last forever and gushing over Ashley Parker Angel and thinking that they were boy band GODS!  I’m actually thinking of making a boy bands playlist for this summer to make summer classes more fun!