Friday’s Fantastic 5-8/31

To keep myself centered on maintaining a positive attitude, Ive decided to kind of do a weekly wrap up of five things that made me happy.  By doing this I can share with those who read my blog some interesting experiences as well as remind myself of all the good things that have happened to me this week!

1. Daily Show with Jon Stewart Taping!

So this is a perfect example of an experience that I wouldn’t have been able to have if I wasn’t in the unemployment state that I am in.  A friend posted the link on Wednesday lamenting how she wish she could go (she lives out of state).  I immediately clicked on the link and registered for a ticket for Thursday.  To get an actual ticket I headed to the Straz Center and waited what seemed like forever but finally got my ticket and was treated to an amazing show.  It had been on my bucket list to go and see the Daily Show and I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to do so in my hometown!

2. On Campus Interviews!

Over the past week I had been invited to not one, but TWO  on campus interviews!  One for American University in Washington DC and one for Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah!  Anytime I get an on campus interview, I get very excited and view each one as a new networking and learning opportunity.  Not to mention I love DC and have never been to Utah before!

3. College Football has started!

Now FSU doesn’t technically start till tomorrow, but yesterday officially started the college football season!  I love all the passion that comes along with college football and love sitting around Satudays with my dad watching College Gameday.  Heres to hoping that the Noles have an amazing season!

4. Lights on Tours of Halloween Horror Nights

So I am the first to admit I am the biggest scaredy cat on the face of the earth so the idea of even attending Halloween Horror Nights has always, well, horrified me.  But I was always intrigued on what the houses looked like and their backstories.  I really dont event remember how I stumbled across this videos (and the other dozens or so like it) that give a very un-scary lights on guided tour of some of the houses and scarezones at HHN, but I have become OBSESSED with finding new ones and watching them.  I love all the backstory and details the tour guides give and the lack of scare actors popping out trying to scare the living daylights out of you.

5. Reading Chick Lit

While I was waiting around for Jon Stewart yesterday, I picked up one of my many Chick Lit novels that I bought for a steal at Books A Million a while back.  I really like Emily Giffin’s story telling style.  I love getting lost in a silly love story and the easy reading that Chick Lit provides.  I have a feeling over the next few weeks I’ll burn through several books!



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