Veggie Dish for One

Hello Blog Readers!

Sorry its been a while, but I took a nice long staycation that allowed me to relax before this crazy summer of classes, work, practicum and hopefully a little fun starts.  This week I got an invite in the mail for a wedding this summer.  And as I was returning the adorable little card I got indicating how many people would be coming with me and what meal I would like (eggplant parmesan, yum!) it kinda occurred to me that right around this time in previous years I would be yearning for a *summer romance*.   The old me would write a blog post sounding something like this: “Waaaah, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m such a catch, why don’t boys like me blah blah blah….”  But honestly the fact that I’m not in serious relationship is probably such a good thing for me.  When I find something I’m passionate about, I throw my whole self into it.  And if I had a boyfriend, it would be THAT much harder to finish the massive amount of summer reading I have to do.  Now I’m not saying that if a nice guy asked me on a date, I wouldn’t say yes, I’m just kind of got sick of the pressure that it seems to be ingrained in us as 20something females to have a significant other.  I love being able to just go out with friends and strike up conversations with some interesting guys and having fun!  I like just thinking in the single sense and while I do like the idea of companionship and having someone who you could turn to for anything, being single is a lot of fun!  Of course I want to fall madly in love and get married to a wonderful man, but since I am pursuing a master’s degree (something I NEVER thought I would do) I’m perfectly ok with waiting for Mr. Right to come at the right time.  And besides, a girl could always dream…. 😉