Top 5 Memories of My First Year of Grad School

So its technically not completely over, but I just have an online test left, so close enough!!  I thought I would share a few of my favorite memories from my first year of grad school!! It has been quite a year, but I wouldn’t have traded it for ANYTHING!!

This is a pretty recent memory!  My mom (the total babe in the black!) wanted to go to Blue Man Group for her birthday so my dad, my sister (the babe in red), my mom and I (the babe in yellow) had a fun-filled weekend in Orlando.  It started on Friday with a trip to FL Mall, where I converted my mom and sister into Lush addicts like myself!!  On Saturday, we just hung poolside of the hotel they were staying at all day and then went to Margaritaville for dinner and then to the late Blue Man Show!!  I had already seen it with some friends, but it was just as much fun the second time around!!  Even my dad who isn’t usually into that type of thing really liked it!!

Ooooh Relay!  It was a great bonding experience for my cohort and we got 3rd place overall for fundraising!!  It was for a great cause and we really did have a blast!! Special props to Marissa, Tava, Catherine and myself for sticking it out the ENTIRE 18 hours!!  Jana (the babe in the purple in the front!) was a total rockstar and donated 12 inches of her hair to locks of love!!  Such a sleep deprived fueled fun time!!

MARDI GRAS!!  I was able to check off something from my “bucket list” and had an absolute blast.  The trip was something deeper though, my dad’s family is from New Orleans and I felt like I was more connected with that side of my family while I was there.  The fact that I went with two of my favorite DNZ sisters also made the trip that much more fantastic!!

This picture is when I went to the NASPA national conference in Philly, PA.  NASPA is one of the major professional organizations in the higher education field and it was a pretty awe-inspiring experience to meet and hear some of the top professionals in my field.  I learned a lot and renewed my zeal for this field.  Sometimes with class, my assisstantship and everything else going on, I forget what got me into the field in the first place, which was to help students and help them develop.

Of course all the nights out downtown had to make the list!! Every night either out with the cohort, coworkers, or random visitors was always fun and (mostly) memorable!  I have really started to like the downtown scene and must say that Orlandians know how to have a good time!!

Well I’m off to bed, I have to get up bright and early to watch my first rowing regatta tomorrow!!  It should be fun to support my students, plus Lake Pickett always has great weather 🙂


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